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The aim of BYA is to keep the entire Bangla Youth connected and unite the community together like one, large family. We are the representatives of our country in the region, thus, having formed a unique platform to portray a sense of unity and stimulate the spirit of patriotism.


Youth is the strongest power of any nation; therefore, we intend to target the young minds and the professionals who have been seeking opportunities to serve the Bangladeshi community in their own little way. It is a call to all the Bangladeshi youth to join hands and move towards a new era. The high number of Bangladeshis residing in this region has encouraged us in forming this association; all from varied professional fields. The UAE at this point of time lacks any such organization that understands the cultural gap that exists between generations and helps in bridging it.

The face of our BYA is a small, dedicated group of University students from the region who have taken the step to form this association.


As the saying goes, opportunity knocks but once, thus, we take this wonderful opportunity to bring together all Bangladeshi Youth, and do something outstanding for our society and nation by making use of all the resources and technology available to us.




The site will contain the profiles of all the members of the association, information about various celebrations and events, and news



Important Dates

With the help of this association we will have the opportunity to celebrate the important days of our country. This will reflect the culture of our country and keep it alive in this part of the world.




We will involve ourselves in various Bengali events happening in UAE. This will help us gain popularity so that more and more people join this association.




The talent section will look for the talented Bangladeshi's in this region and help them in evolving as stars of our nation. We will try to build a platform and help them achieve their goals in life.



We would really appreciate the active participation and contribution of every single individual to build this association. The dream of a huge and strong association can be made a success only through team work. You are more than welcome to put up your efforts and give suggestions for the effectiveness of this association. The goals of every member of this association should be directed towards the realization of the overall objective of the association.

Note: This association does not intend to be involved in any political issues, henceforth not supporting any particular political party


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Salim Parvez



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cultural secretary

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Publicity secretary