Salim Parvez is the founder and President of Bangla Youth Association. Born in Bangladesh and brought up in UAE, he Grew up in a multi-cultural environment. Salim consistently realized something was missing amongst the young fellow Bangladeshis residing in the UAE. He noticed that the Bangladeshi youth population in the UAE is ignorant about their own history, culture & tradition.


During his academic years in the University, Salim envisioned the formation of an organization that would promote the Bangladeshi history, culture & tradition. He desired to witness the increasing awareness about “Bangladesh” among the expatriates residing in the UAE. This realization provoked a move to change, and inspired Salim along with a few dedicated individuals to seize the initiative, thus forming “The Bangla Youth Association” – BYA in 2005. This non-profit, non-political organization is run by well informed University students who understand today’s generation and also support them.  The message of BYA is simple, positive and strong - “Let’s promote our culture".


Apart from contributing his valuable time towards Bangla Youth Association, Salim runs his own business in Dubai, UAE.


Salim parvez


Bangla Youth Association